Morgan Scientific, Inc.

In the field of companies involved in pulmonary function testing, Morgan Scientific, Inc. is unique. The company has been a fully independent US Corporation since 1980 and has provided uninterrupted sales and service for our customers free from interference or corporate acquisitions. Many customers today are operating equipment supplied over 20 years ago confident and delighted in our continued support.

An innovative group of engineers at Morgan Scientific began writing clinical data acquisition and runtime graphical interfaces as early as 1981. With input and cooperation from renowned teaching hospitals in Boston, Morgan Scientific steadily developed powerful, stable software. This software has been the foundation of our business for over 34 years. Through each iteration of our programs (from the early days of S100 bus systems through DOS to today's high powered Windows applications), customers have been able to convert and keep valuable clinical data, thus building a wealth of research data.

Coupled with our software has been years of engineering involvement in the design and manufacture of pulmonary hardware. The range of instrumentation supported and integrated over the years with our software covers some of the most innovative and respected designs ever produced. From the original single breath diffusion apparatus (the Morgan Transfer Test) to the magnificent Body Plethysmograph's of today, Morgan Scientific has been in the forefront of pulmonary function testing and design.

Recent US manufacturing and design initiatives include the innovative Plethysmograph Simulator which is the first in a range of exciting new products. Collaborative research and development programs at Morgan Scientific will soon yield an array of unique ground-breaking instruments expanding testing capability and clinical knowledge.

The demanding background of clinical excellence and years of pulmonary function expertise culminated in the latest design of ComPAS software. The ComPAS suite combines attractive, user-friendly pulmonary function testing with elegant reporting, remote data access and physician interpretation plus hospital information interfacing. Written with a passion for clinical data integrity and consummate ease of operation, ComPAS sets an insistent standard.

The Morgan Scientific products span the range of pulmonary function testing applications, whether it is a small private office, industrial screening center or a multi-station teaching hospital.

The Morgan Guarantee

What separates Morgan Scientific from all the other choices?

Today it seems that the word “guarantee” is merely a marketing ploy so often forgotten by companies when it comes to delivering on their promise. At Morgan Scientific our goals are very different from that of vast corporate entities. We sincerely believe that the customer matters and that our reputation depends upon customer support and after sales experience.

“The Morgan Guarantee is to provide absolutely the finest pulmonary function equipment together with industry-leading ComPAS Software from a foundation of impeccable customer support and continuing innovation.”