Morgan Scientific, Inc has proudly brought innovation, steadfastness and customer support with a unique flair to the pulmonary function market for over 34 years. Indeed, several of our employees have shared their personality and talent with customers for more than a quarter century. This is a very rare and quite remarkable statistic in a market that has seen so many changes of ownership and unrealized promises of product support. Morgan Scientific has grown significantly in reputation and capability while at the same time maintaining a personal touch and commitment to our valued customers. Our products continue to benefit from the experienced input of users; we continue to encourage development dialogue in a way that expands customer satisfaction. Through the much-valued ComPAS license program each and every customer benefits from the ever expanding test capability and stunning advances in software. Our commitment to customers remains the same as it was in 1980; to provide the finest pulmonary function products in the world augmented by unwavering support.

  • Our equipment and software designs are founded on verifiable measurement techniques ensuring the highest degree of clinical accuracy and validity. Not only are the instruments of the utmost precision, they are also the most straightforward to use!
  • All products have been carefully designed around the demands of testing the most challenging subjects including young children and patients with severe pulmonary disease.
  • Typical Morgan Scientific systems have a life-span exceeding 15 years. The equipment is highly reliable and boasts extraordinarily low cost of operation and maintenance.
  • The ComPAS suite provides the most advanced anthology of pulmonary function software available today. Written in collaboration with prestige centers of clinical excellence, the program combines superb testing capability with highly versatile interface capability to information systems.
  • A considerable number of our large network installations have been in operation for many years. Elegantly integrating ComPAS with hospital information systems in not new to us! When you need help we are there! No need to navigate annoying voice mail systems, you will always receive direct and immediate support. At Morgan Scientific, Inc. each customer is treated like a colleague rather than as a number.
  • When you purchase a Morgan Scientific product you are assured of excellence in pulmonary function results, first class support and outstanding value for money.