We are delighted to have been using ComPAS and Morgan Scientific hardware for more than 5 years. Morgan is clearly focused on delivering results and meeting the needs and challenges of our busy, pediatric focused laboratory. They have implemented many software features at the request of our lab and other labs (standard deviation scores, GLI equations, cough peak flow, data importing, to name a few), and designed a myriad of customized reports (lung transplant, exercise, 6 minute walk testing) to display patient results in an informative way. They have implemented interfaces to our EMR for both results and billing. Their responsiveness and customer support is second to none, with new features often times implemented in real time via Quick Support. The Task Manager allows us to use ComPAS as a teaching tool for our fellows. This support is a level far beyond any of their competitors. They are developing cutting edge methodologies (lung clearance index, steady state diffusing capacity) which will advance pediatric lung function testing. I look forward to many more years working collaboratively with the outstanding team at Morgan Scientific.

Daniel Weiner, MD
Medical Director, Pulmonary Function & Exercise Laboratories
Associate Director, Antonio J. and Janet Palumbo Cystic Fibrosis Center
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Morgan Scientific is the best vendor I have worked with in 30 years of pulmonary function testing. In fact, Morgan is the only vendor that has ever encouraged our ideas for software improvements. They honor the philosophy that customers’ suggestions make their user-friendly product even better for everyone.

In our three years with the company, Morgan promptly met several requests:  addition of Cough Peak Flow, additional text and trending to history graphs, a library function, and many customized reports. The new capability to compare and overlay F/V loops and data in the trend history allowed us to recently go paperless for patient chart reviews.  Furthermore, Morgan offers the ComPAS QuickSupport service that is particularly valuable in our fast-paced Pulmonary Lab. Morgan Scientific truly values their customers and their ongoing commitment continues to improve our efficiency and productivity.

Pam Leisenring, RRT-RPFT

Pulmonary Lab Supervisor

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Four years ago we modernized our PFT lab with new equipment and chose Morgan Scientific, not only because of the quality of the mechanics, but the ease of use and the robust data management support that it offers. While the software came close to meeting our needs out of the box, we've been able to work closely with Morgan to modify it to work extremely well within our practice. Morgan has been extraordinarily responsive in both hardware and software support to the point where our equipment downtime is now almost non-existent.

Oscar Henry Mayer, MD
Attending Physician
Medical Director, Pulmonary Function Testing Laboratory
Division of Pulmonary Medicine
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

We had the pleasure of working with Patrick and his team when we upgraded our pulmonary function lab.   With their guidance, we have been able create a state of the art pulmonary function lab which has quickly become the envy of other pulmonary groups in the area. 

The equipment is beautiful. Patients frequently comment on how easy it is to perform the various maneuvers and many have mentioned that they feel less claustrophobic in the large body box.  Our respiratory therapist and nurses find the equipment intuitive. We have noticed over the past three months that their efficiency has improved significantly and as a result have been able to schedule more tests per day than with our prior equipment.The interpretation software is easy to use and more importantly customizable.  Morgan Scientific worked tirelessly to provide us with our “perfect report”.  Their responses to our questions were immediate and requested changes would occur nearly instantaneously.  We really appreciate his patience and continue to be impressed with their customer service.

Finally, all the physicians in our group are pleased with the data and the reporting software.  We have also had comments from physicians receiving our studies and they are impressed with the upgrades.  As a result, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of referrals for PFTsOverall, working with Morgan has been a great experience.  We look forward to a long term relationship with Morgan Scientific as our lab grows.

Jason Yahwak M.D.
Chest Medicine Associates
Portland, ME 

Our lab has been using Morgan Scientific equipment for over 20 years. When I bought our first system there was no question that Morgan hardware and software was the superior product and this remains true today. The support from Morgan Scientific has been and continues to have no equal.

I know of no other medical instrument company that would allow you to speak directly with the person that wrote the software that you have a question about or would like a change made to. The staff has truly impressed us with their knowledge of their hardware, Pulmonary Physiology and more so their ability to communicate this to our staff.

We have tested over 30,000 patients with Morgan equipment, during this time there has never been a day that our lab has not been "up and running".

This company is recommended with no hesitation, they are not simply vendors they are part of our department, our partners and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

I would be more than happy to speak with any potential customers regarding the Morgan Scientific equipment and the integrity of this company.

David S. Shayne, RRT, CPFT, C-CPT
Manager, Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care
Rochester General Hospital
Rochester, New York

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center is a 673 bed teaching facility with four organ transplant programs including heart and lung. The Pulmonary Function Laboratory needed new equipment and we evaluated all the manufacturers. After attending a demonstration of the new Morgan PFT equipment we were very impressed by the ease of use and capability.

Following installation, we were very pleased with product support including several visits by the technical staff to set up the equipment, reports and answer questions.

All three systems are networked, the patient database is on the Hospital network and we will implement remote access to our ordering physicians shortly.

Reliability is excellent. The medical staff is very impressed with our expanded capabilities.

In addition to extremely user-friendly and reliable products, a personalized visit from the company's president demonstrated an exceptional dedication to consumer satisfaction.

Annabelle L. Sinon, BS, RRT
Lead Pulmonary Function Therapist
Pulmonary Function Dept. D-4
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Having used Morgan Scientific, Inc. products for pulmonary function testing for several years and having functioned as a system administrator (reviewing pulmonary function tests) using Morgan products, I feel qualified to say with confidence that the Morgan software is solid, fast, reliable, user friendly and, most importantly, adaptable to the particular needs of its users.  Just recently we (the Morgan staff, our Medical Director and I) customized the display of our pulmonary function tests resulting in one display which is tailor made to suit the needs of the interpreting physician, and another display which is designed to suit the needs of the respiratory therapists and other clinical staff.  The display options are innumerable and the resultant tailored displays get glowing reviews from all users.  The customer service by the way, is friendly, available, knowledgeable and responsive.  (An actual human being answers the phone!)  I have had only positive interactions through my years of association with Morgan products and the Morgan team and I would fully endorse Morgan Scientific, Inc. for any institution considering the use of their products and services. 

David Stiefel RRT
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Morgan Scientific produces reliable and precise instruments and personalized customer service.  Morgan leads the way with unrivaled technologist test quality feedback software.  The research query software makes data collection for retrospective studies a breeze, a must have for any researcher.  The Morgan software is very versatile, Morgan built a system to satisfy my very particular specifications.

Jeffrey M Haynes RRT RPFT
Clinical Coordinator
Respiratory Therapy Department
Pulmonary Function Laboratory
St. Joseph Hospital
Nashua, N.H.

We selected the Morgan FVL spirometer for use in our General Pediatric and Pediatric Pulmonology offices because of Morgan’s attention to the design of the spirometer itself, the software’s attention to security issues along with its capability to keep up to date with changes in spirometry reference sets as well as with any changes in accepted performance and interpretation standards. Our users have a range of experience with spirometry. Morgan’s ComPAS software, with the help of the Morgan staff, enabled us to format several standard report versions for spirometry to meet the needs of all of our user groups.

Dr. Barbara Moore
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
Boston, MA

We have used Morgan equipment in our practice for the past 15 years. The system is durable, dependable, fast, accurate, and easy to use. With yearly maintenance there has been virtually no down time. Our reports are more attractive and easier to read than any others I have ever seen. There is no better system for a busy pulmonary practice.

Charles L. Fishman, MD, FACP, FCCP
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Partner, Pulmonary Medicine, PC
Bronx, NY

The COMPAS software is an excellent adjunct to the Morgan PFT system which is quite superior in its own right. It allows for rapid PFT interpretation in a user-friendly format. It can be easily customized to the individual's preferences so that the reports do not appear "canned". It is so easy to use, I was reading PFT's with it within 10 minutes of demonstration. In addition, the PFT data could be exported directly into our EMR flawlessly.  we were Hats off to Morgan Scientific for a program that is easy, efficient, and actually fun to use.

Seymour I. Huberfeld, MD FACP FCCP
Director, Nassau Queens Pulmonary Function Laboratory

As a busy private practitioner with a penchant for new technologies, it was critical that my pulmonary function lab be able to fully integrate with my electronic medical record and with interim spirometries that are done in the exam rooms. Morgan Scientific worked with us to make this a reality. We now have a fully integrated office and read PFTs "real time" in the exam rooms or from home over a secure internet connection. I have never heard the staff say no and they have been enthusiastic in problem solving and in customizing our lab, right down to helping design and incorporate our logo into our reports.

David B. Ettensohn, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Pawtucket, RI

"Running a pulmonary function laboratory in a third world country is difficult.  Morgan Scientific not only provided equipment at a price we could afford, but included every spare part we could possibly need, real time help with any difficulties and a real feeling of true partnership in ensuring that the results we produce, whether for research or clinical purposes, are of the highest standard, all with a smile."

Jennifer Knight-Madden MB BS, FAAP, Bd Ped Pulm, PhD
Kingston, Jamaica

Dear Mr. Morgan,
It is with great pleasure that I reflect on my 23 years of experience with Morgan Pulmonary Function Labs.

Before entering private practice 21 years ago, we had a Morgan Lab at my fellowship hospital.  Since that time, I have purchased 3 Morgan Labs for my 2 offices.  All 4 of these labs received heavy daily use and performed remarkably well.  To the best of my recollection, in 23 years of use, we have had approximately 10 down days from equipment problems.

In fact, I only replaced my original lab after 20 years when spare parts and software support became unavailable.

In addition to a well designed, well thought out and well built physical machine, the current software is rapid and easy to negotiate.

The level of technical support from you and your staff has been overwhelming for these last 2 decades.  Whether your people are speaking to a cracker jack certified PFT technician, a busy and distracted physician, or a nurse filling in for a CPFT/RT, they are always able to calm us down and walk us through the problem.  On the rare occasion where the problem has required replacement parts or Morgan Technician attendance, these have materialized in short order (overnight. in most circumstances).

Some of the hospitals I have been affiliated with have not used Morgan equipment and their level of problems and downtime is at least an order of magnitude higher.

With so many satisfied customers, my praise will be of little import. However, as one who has had Morgan by my side in the trenches for lo these many years, I would be happy to speak with any potential clients.  I remain,
Yours truly,

Richard B. Evans, MD MPH
Auburn, NY

From the first Morgan infrared CO analyzer that changed DLCOsb from a tinkerer's nightmare into a useful clinical test, through the spectacular research plethysmograph, your hardware has been rock-solid. In this new age when all manufacturers have access to the same OEM parts-bin, less separates the best from the worst pulmonary function testing gear in terms of hardware. What most differentiates you from your competition is your software, which has both simplified and rationalized every aspect of PFT testing: calibration, performing maneuvers, reporting and, critical for me, retrieval from a database which makes results easily and dependably available. In particular, the flow of the testing process, no extra keystrokes, no multiple mouse-clicks needed to perform simple tasks, useful help for the technician in determining acceptability and reproducibility of efforts, have made it possible for us to perform research quality testing in our high-volume environment.

We have tested over 12,000 subjects with the Morgan PFT systems. In that time, we have never lost a day of testing to machine failure; not one! We've been able to test every patient who kept an appointment. We're submitting the paper on ILO readings and DLCOsb based on the 5015 male Caucasian subjects from this data this week. Dr. Albert Miller is principal author.

Finally, for someone who remembers water spirometers and inkstains on kymograph paper, watching the new SpiroAir position the piston on the rolling-seal spirometer to the center of it's travel automatically is an absolute kick.

Your equipment, advice and support have been a substantial part of our success at WDDS over the years. Thank you!

Ray Warshaw, RPFT
WDDS, Claremont, CA

Morgan Scientific has provided us with top quality diagnostic systems, easy to use software and excellent service. What I am most impressed with is their attention to our specific needs - they are superb!

Caroline Faulkingham, RRT/CPFT
Dover, NH

"From the quality of their products to their exceptional customer service, Morgan Scientific has been my vendor of choice for over 16 years. I have great confidence in the knowledge and abilities of all of their employees."

Cathy Loiacono, RRT, CPFT
Clifton Springs Hospital
Clifton Springs, NY

I have had my Morgan Scientific Transflow system for 5 years. The system is carefree, reliable, & highly cost effective." Any pulmonary physician not incorporating lung volumes and diffusion measurements into their office practices are simply giving away thousands of dollars in income per year. Testing in the office improves diagnoses, patient satisfaction, and your efficiency.

Howard M. Mintz, M.D., F.C.C.P.
Dallas, TX

I have used Morgan equipment for over 30 years. I am delighted that the quality of the instruments has remained impeccable. The Morgan people have impressed me with their knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge.

I have total confidence in the data that is retrieved by the Morgan instruments and their reproducibility.

Dennis Keene RRT, MBA
Sleep Labs of Texas
Beaumont, TX

From the point of the sale through to the training of my staff, the personnel at Morgan Scientific have been a real pleasure to work with. Mr Morgan himself came to my office to set up and train. The machine paid for itself in 6 weeks, I have two machines now and had minimal issues since I bought them. The ease of use makes this machine a must in any pulomonary and allergy office. The product training in particular has been exceptional!

Tanvir Chodri, M.D.
Randolph Pulmonary & Sleep Clinic, PLLC
Asheboro, NC

Our Pulmonary Function Lab has used Morgan Scientific equipment since the 80's.We currently have 3 systems in use, and I can honestly say that we have NEVER had ANY down time due to equipment malfunction or error. Their body Plethysmograph is truly a "reference" system. It has allowed us to keep pace with ever increasing volumes. It is fast, accurate, and dependable. Morgan Scientifics' support is second to none, if needed; they are a phone call away. Recommended without hesitation, they are more than just a company, Morgan Scientific is your "partner" in pulmonary diagnostics', yesterday, today and tomorrow.

George Daniel RPFT, RCPT
Spalding Regional Medical Center
Sylvan Grove Hospital
Respiratory Care Services
Griffin, GA

The Morgan Guarantee

What separates Morgan Scientific from all the other choices?

Today it seems that the word “guarantee” is merely a marketing ploy so often forgotten by companies when it comes to delivering on their promise. At Morgan Scientific our goals are very different from that of vast corporate entities. We sincerely believe that the customer matters and that our reputation depends upon customer support and after sales experience.

“The Morgan Guarantee is to provide absolutely the finest pulmonary function equipment together with industry-leading ComPAS Software from a foundation of impeccable customer support and continuing innovation.”