ComPAS QuickSupport

  • When questions arise with test results or equipment performance.
  • When report or predicted changes are requested.
  • When you would like us to remotely update your ComPAS version.

Morgan has always prided itself on immediately helping its customers when questions arise. Many times issues can be quickly and easily diagnosed through interactive dialogue. With QuickSupport, Morgan product specialists are only one click away. They can directly view your computer and PFT hardware in a temporary secure link and are able to communicate with either two-way text or video then advise or make changes as necessary.


"I had a few questions about a report and when I called Morgan all they had to do was jump in and show me... right on my own system."


Gordon T. Ford, MD
Calgary, Alberta


How it works:

Once a secure connection has been made between you and Morgan, a Morgan specialist can see “real time” exactly what is happening with your system.  It is like having a specialist right by your side. If you are concerned with calibration, we can look at the diagnostics as well as the calibration strokes and make recommendations.  If you are questioning some results, we can look at the individual tests and determine the problems.  We also can make report changes or download files and upgrades.  If you have the camera option, you can also have visual contact allowing us to see how the tests were being performed.

What is needed:

QuickSupport is just one of the features included in your ComPAS License.  As long as your ComPAS license is current, you can take advantage of QuickSupport.  You also need to have the computer running the PFT system connected to the internet.  A remote camera isn’t necessary but it enhances its capabilities.