Learn more about the features and design of the Morgan Body Plethysmograph.


Our body plethysmograph is capable of complete PFTs. Dynamic and static spirometry, DLCO, lung volumes, airways resistance, and more.


ComPAS PFT Software. The premiere choice for PFT software.


We work with each customer to design a series customized reports that suite their needs. Click to see some of our stunning examples.


Body Plethysmograph hardware specifications and requirements.

Data Sheet
Data Sheet

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A Simply Exceptional Instrument for Pulmonary Function Testing

This is the plethysmograph that combines ease of use, quality of design and stunning visual appeal in a truly unique way! The fusion of clinical engineering at its finest with the ultimate in ComPAS PFT software capability, is truly second to none. The result of years of experience provides test capability across all ranges of pulmonary disease.

Clinical Excellence

Conventions of construction and transducer selection to suit small children and the most severe cases of COPD. From the ease of entry and egress to patient comfort and superb discrimination of data acquisition, this is truly an exceptional PFT system! With fast temperature equilibration and quiet service-free pneumatic valve and shutter operation, testing of subjects with the door closed is kept to a minimum. A clever ComPAS training function prepares patients for the 'odd' experience of breathing in and out against a closed valve thus minimizing test difficulty.

Optimized for all Patients

The plethysmograph offers a breadth of PFT testing in an environment that is both comfortable and efficient for subjects of all ages and pulmonary disease.

Three cabin size options

  1. Standard
  2. XL
  3. Wheelchair

If necessary, the valve support arm swings outside for subjects who cannot enter the cabin. For calibration validation each plethysmograph is equipped with a precision fluid manometer, 30ml sinusoidal pump and 3L syringe.

Body Box Features

  • Bright, comfortable, durable and alluring
  • Supremely designed for ease of use
  • Superb reproducibility across all tests
  • The maintenance-free valve to beat all valves
  • High discrimination pneumotach that is easy to clean
  • Pressureless delivery of DLCO gas
  • Conditioning of all gas analysis
  • Simple entry and exit
  • Automatic venting
  • Two-way communication
  • Very low long-term care requirement or cost
  • Fully adjustable chair

So Delightful and Easy to Use

A typical VTG test is easy to perform:

  1. A simple touch on [Spacebar] begins all tests.
  2. After 4 or 5 tidal breaths a second [Spacebar] triggers the mouthpiece shutter to close at end-expiration (FRC). The subject breaths in and out against the closure.
  3. A third [Spacebar] opens the shutter to allow for IC or SVC capture and the test is complete.

Each test effort is checked against ATS standards to ensure quality and validity. Furthermore, the ComPAS "Test Confidence" feature mines the test performance for any issues not considered by ATS and offers advice for test performance improvement if neccessary.

Wheelchair Body Plethysmograph

A wheelchair accessible version of our XL Body Plethysmograph. Features include:

  • 2 doors for front and side access
  • Removeable ramp
  • Extrusion to accomodate wheelchair foot rests
  • Adjustable arm mounted paitent valve
  • Adjustable chair for testing patients who are able bodied (accomodates up to 500 lbs.)
  • See more

Superb Clinical Instrumentation and ComPAS Too!

The combination of the plethysmograph hardware architecture and the extraordinary ComPAS software suite is simply the ultimate choice for any PFT laboratory. No other PFT software option provides the same expanse of capability based on years of experience and continuous input from leading pulmonary centers. Indeed, where ComPAS has replaced alternative products, the customer response has always been the same: "We never realized that software could be so intuitive and delightful to use!"

We are delighted to have been using ComPAS and Morgan Scientific hardware for more than 5 years. Morgan is clearly focused on delivering results and meeting the needs and challenges of our busy, pediatric focused laboratory. They have implemented many software features at the request of our lab and other labs (standard deviation scores, GLI equations, cough peak flow, data importing, to name a few), and designed a myriad of customized reports (lung transplant, exercise, 6 minute walk testing) to display patient results in an informative way. They have implemented interfaces to our EMR for both results and billing. Their responsiveness and customer support is second to none, with new features often times implemented in real time via Quick Support. The Task Manager allows us to use ComPAS as a teaching tool for our fellows. This support is a level far beyond any of their competitors. They are developing cutting edge methodologies (lung clearance index, steady state diffusing capacity) which will advance pediatric lung function testing. I look forward to many more years working collaboratively with the outstanding team at Morgan Scientific.

Daniel Weiner, M.D. Customer Testimonials