Exceptional Design Details

It is no mistake that the combined experience of Morgan Scientific in the United States and Medisoft engineers in Europe account for some 45 years in pulmonary function testing. Knowledge gained in design, scientific measurement, testing experience and customer needs has resulted in products that excel in this field. 

Ergonomics and Appeal

Instruments are supplied with an optional all-in-one PC with wireless mouse and keyboard. Not only does this provide a clean and tidy appearance, it offers brilliant graphics and consumate ease of operation. For laboratory or office settings the plethysmograph alongside its contemporary PC and striking console purvey quality and distinction!

Elegant Computer Console

The robust high-quality mobile console features innovative cable management, power distribution, left/right mouse configuration and a convenient consumables drawer. For dramatic appeal, the console side panels have LED's for illumination!

Inviting Cabin Interior

The plethysmograph design is bright, comfortable and spacious with easy door latching from inside or outside. Two-way communication speaker facilitates a direct connection between the patient and clinician. The maintenance-free pneumatic valve and pressureless gas delivery add to patient comfort and ease while performing single breath diffusion studies. Indeed the inspiratory reservoir removes all issues and problems associated with troublesome demand valves.

Chair Appeal

An ergonomic polycarbonate chair has been selected for strength, versatility and design appeal. If neccessary it can accomodate weights up to 400lbs.

Beautiful Design Elements

Nobody said that a plethysmograph has to look utilitarian! This instrument is designed like none other using precision fittings and the finest materials. Each element perfectly selected for form and function.

Wheelchairs Need Not Be Afraid

  • Patient accessibility meets elegant design
  • Side door access allows easy entry and exit for paitents in wheelchairs (interior door width 28.15 inches)
  • Front door access accomodates patients who are able bodied
  • Removable ramp with beautiful diamond plated steel
  • Spacious cabin

Morgan Scientific produces reliable and precise instruments and personalized customer service.  Morgan leads the way with unrivaled technologist test quality feedback software.  The research query software makes data collection for retrospective studies a breeze, a must have for any researcher.  The Morgan software is very versatile, Morgan built a system to satisfy my very particular specifications.

Jeffrey Haynes RRT, RPFT Customer Testimonials