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Utilize the power of the ComPAS Task Manager. Secure, HIPAA-compliant patient information sharing provides users the most efficient, versatile and convenient suite of pulmonary applications ever made available. Access and view data, interpret results and send electronic messages to colleagues from any PC. 


We have a 100% completion rate when it comes to EMR/EHR interfaces. Most customers go live with their EMR the day that the equipment is installed!


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We work with each customer to design a series customized reports that suite their needs. Click to see some of our stunning examples.


ComPAS has a comprehensive integrated help file system. In addition, remote support is available for those customers with an internet connection.


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Morgan has added short training videos of about ComPAS and the different tests it is capable.

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Advanced Software and Test Design

Morgan Scientific has been writing PFT software in collaboration with world-renowned American teaching hospitals for over 34 years! This unique partnership has spawned a ComPAS suite of programs that surpasses any competive choice on the market. Using intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) layout, navigation and use of ComPAS is a delight. Customers familar with other software herald the use of ComPAS and often comment that their attention is at last focused on the patient rather than on screen navigation. ComPAS has been written and continuously enhanced by product engineers with vast experience in pulmonary function testing!

PFT Software Solutions for All

There is no doubt that the full power and scope of ComPAS will satisfy the most advanced teaching hospital requirements, but it is also ideally suitable for private office practices. Indeed, the clear instructional screens and simple operation help ensure excellence in PFT testing for even novice users. Beyond the ATS recomendations for test quality and performance, ComPAS provides "Test Confidence" review which prompts users if something appears to be in question. When you use ComPAS it is as if a product specialist is sitting by your side quietly encouraging and guiding test quality.

The Pinnacle of PFT Software

The ComPAS suite of software has evolved over years of clinical work. It is an amalgamation of expertise in pulmonary function testing, scientific techniques of measurement and the very latest in software design. From the finest teaching hospitals to private offices, ComPAS offers the total PFT software solution.

Collaborative Design

At Morgan Scientific, we invite and encourage customer participation in development like no other company. So many of the advances and admired features in ComPAS have evolved as a result of this collaborative spirit and direct contact between our engineers and the end user.

ComPAS continues to expand in capability while harnessing the very latest in industry specifications and design techniques. What sets us far apart from other choices is that all of our customers benefit and gain access to the new capability even while using older hardware!

ComPAS Features

  • Minimal keystrokes, easy to use
  • Clinically focused on COPD and children
  • Incredible reporting capability
  • Unique remote interpretation design
  • Physician interpretation tools
  • Exceptional historical trending capability
  • Continual advances and upgrades
  • Vast array of clinical test capability
  • Superb help with remote communication

Data Distribution

The ComPAS Task Manager provides electronic transfer of patient test results across an office-wide or hospital-wide network. When testing is completed and approved by the technician in the pulmonary laboratory, the test results are passed along the Task Manager routing depending upon the configuration options. It is easy to think of this as a report being handed from one colleague to another for review.

The configuration of the Task Manager allows for great flexibility to suit all situations from leading teaching hospitals to straightforward office practices.

Spectacular Reports

Comprehensive, elegant and versatile reporting has always been a priority. This is a key feature that completely separates Morgan Scientific from any other choice in the market. Our customers are not bound by the limits of report choices or the constraints of feeble editing options, they can let their imaginations soar! A brilliant library of report presentations come standard with ComPAS, but creative new designs are welcomed and can be provided.

We are delighted to have been using ComPAS and Morgan Scientific hardware for more than 5 years. Morgan is clearly focused on delivering results and meeting the needs and challenges of our busy, pediatric focused laboratory. They have implemented many software features at the request of our lab and other labs (standard deviation scores, GLI equations, cough peak flow, data importing, to name a few), and designed a myriad of customized reports (lung transplant, exercise, 6 minute walk testing) to display patient results in an informative way. They have implemented interfaces to our EMR for both results and billing. Their responsiveness and customer support is second to none, with new features often times implemented in real time via Quick Support. The Task Manager allows us to use ComPAS as a teaching tool for our fellows. This support is a level far beyond any of their competitors. They are developing cutting edge methodologies (lung clearance index, steady state diffusing capacity) which will advance pediatric lung function testing. I look forward to many more years working collaboratively with the outstanding team at Morgan Scientific.

Daniel Weiner, M.D. Customer Testimonials