HTML Help is integrated within ComPAS. Written and illustrated as a powerful resource to help customers, it also provides the basis of a laboratory procedure guide. The help includes all aspects of pulmonary physiology as well as testing instruction and instrument maintenance. For the biomedical engineer there are detailed service sections for each device complete with problem guides. ComPAS Help is a comprehensive manual that can be viewed from any screen; it can also be printed or exported to CD for review at home.

ComPAS Quick Support

  • When questions arise with test results or equipment performance.
  • When report or predicted changes are requested.
  • When you would like us to remotely update your ComPAS version.

Morgan has always prided itself on immediately helping its customers when questions arise. Many times issues can be quickly and easily diagnosed through interactive dialogue. With QuickSupport, Morgan product specialists are only one click away. They can directly view your computer and PFT hardware in a temporary secure link and are able to communicate with either two-way text or video then advise or make changes as necessary. 

ComPAS PDF Manuals

Extensive and detailed manuals are avaialble describing ComPAS with each individual PFT instrument. PDF versions of the manuals are free of charge; printed manuals can be purchased at additional cost.