Can ComPAS software operate with all versions of Windows®?

Yes! ComPAS will work with Windows®  XP(Professional), 7 and 8

Is ComPAS easy to navigate?

Yes! Although ComPAS is Windows®-based, the user is not required to use a mouse for all actions. In testing, a simple [Spacebar] will start and end test efforts so full attention can be focused on the patient. Complete navigation of ComPAS is simple and highly user-friendly.

Does ComPAS help the technician obtain results that meet ATS guidelines?

Yes! Each physiological effort (F/V Loop, spirogram, DLCO maneuver etc.) is checked for ATS effort acceptability. A hollow check-mark beside a result indicates individual effort acceptability; a group of 3 solid check-marks confirms both effort and reproducibility criteria have been met. Furthermore, a table of ATS criteria is helpful to indicate why an effort is failing to meet recommendations.

Does ComPAS provide a variety of final report formats?

Yes! The report options in ComPAS are stunning!  A wide range of report styles come standard with the software and a report editor allows for customization. Standard reports include a variety of single-page screening designs, full test reports, summary reports showing all test efforts, disability reports and quality assurance reports.

Can the user select different predicted equation authors?

Yes! ComPAS is supplied with standard predicted sets such as: Knudson, Inter-Mountain, Miller and NHANES III. Any predicted set can be modified to suit individual clinical preferences. Not only can the predicted equations be edited for preference, but the test equations (i.e. DLCO etc.) can also be changed should new recommendations appear in clinical journals

Does ComPAS have computer impression capability?

Yes! Two standard computer impression algorithms are provided with ComPAS. If desired, they can be edited for individual clinical preferences through the configuration menu.

Can ComPAS be networked?

Yes! ComPAS operates on SQL server and is ideal for small or large network situations.

Does ComPAS have on-line Help?

Yes! Both on-line Quick Support via direct internet access and a 'state of the art' Help system is provided that has detailed information in attractive informative screens. The Help covers all areas of software and hardware operation including pictorial maintenance guides and service assistance.

Can the Technician and Physician Notepad be configured with frequently used sentences?

Yes! Each user can store frequently used sentences. They are displayed for instant use beside the notepad. On the physician screen, the computer impression is displayed and can be 'copied' to the notepad and altered for final clinical interpretation.

Can the user edit the Bronchial Challenge protocol?

Yes! The protocol can be entirely customized to suit the levels of bronchial challenge (Methacholine, Aridol, cold air or other drug). The protocol sets-up the flow of the test with clocks to count-down nebulizer administration guide the study.

Can the ComPAS interface with my EMR?

Yes! Since no two sites are alike, ComPAS provides many different interface options including:

  • HL7 export of test results via:
    • File drop-off
    • TCP/IP or Web Services
  • Patient lookup via:
    • Supplied DLL
    • TCP/IP or Web Services
  • Visit data via:
    • File drop-off
    • TCP/IP or Web Services
    • HL7 listening agent
Can the physician enter interpretations remotely?

Yes! The ComPAS Task Manager provides elegant data exchange across the office of hospital network. When tests are completed in the pulmonary lab, results can be routed to any network-connected station for physician interpretation. In cases where multiple physicians will interpret results, the Task Manager automatically sends the appropriate patient results to each physician.