Since the conception of ComPAS, elegant and versatile reporting has been a priority. For interested users, a highly powerful report builder is available to allow for unlimited presentation and design. In most cases, report designs are completed by your Morgan engineer as a service provided through the ComPAS license. The capability of ComPAS reporting is like no other product of its kind! Unlike products that frustrate customers with limited 'drag and drop' report designers, the ComPAS Report Editor has vast power and flexibility. It is true to say that "you really can have your dream PFT report layout". 

A brilliant library of report presentations come standard with ComPAS, but your own 'dream' layout is both welcomed and easily accommodated.

Test Reports - presentations of test data really have no limit. These can include any combination of the best pre and post results with preference of numerical column order and any of the following:

Full PFT Report - 1

Full PFT Report - 2

Full PFT Report - 3

Full PFT Report - 4

Full PFT Report - 5

Full PFT Report - 6

Full PFT Report - 7

Full PFT Report - 8