The highest quality of respiratory measurement [change]

The XXXX is the most adavanced fusion of clinical engineering excellence with the renowned ComPAS pulmonary function software suite! The XXXXX is used to measure all the XXXX whether in communication with the airways or not. General overview info...

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Screening Spirometry and more

A highly durable and accurate spirometer coupled to the world-renown ComPAS PFT Software. Remarkable performance across all 26 ATS flow volume waveforms makes this device ideally suited to patients of all ages and pulmonary conditions.

Flow Volume Loops

Through clever use of interactive help and clinical monitoring, ComPAS provides excellence in spirometry. Flow Volume efforts can be completed in any order of breathing with full fidelity of the loop captured and stored. For reports, data is automatically selected by ATS criteria; however, the user can override both data and loop selection if desired.

Incentive Screens - For testing young children, brilliant incentive graphic animation is employed to encourage effort and response.

FVL-LT features

  • Portable lightweight, robust design
    Simple USB connection
  • High discrimination Lilly-style flow pneumotach designed for the most compromised of respiratory patients
  • Simple to clean

Simplicity and Accuracy:

With ComPAS testing is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. A simple touch on [Spacebar] begins all tests.
  2. When maneuvers are completed, the software checks the individual effort against ATS recommended PERFORMANCE criteria. If the effort meets these test standards, a hollow check mark provides visual confirmation.
  3. Once the appropriate number of tests meet both PERFORMANCE and REPRODUCIBILITY criteria, solid check marks appear confirming that ATS standards have been met.