Exceptional Design Details

It is no mistake that the combined experience of Morgan Scientific in the United States and Medisoft engineers in Europe account for some 45 years in pulmonary function testing. Knowledge gained in design, scientific measurement, testing experience and customer needs has resulted in products that excel in this field. 

'Armed' with ComPAS

The full power of the most admired PFT software available is what separates the FVL spirometer from the excess of inferior choices. ComPAS provides exceptional capability and versatility that directs and encourages high quality spirometry testing. Beyond spirometry and MVV the FVL can be used for bronchial challenge and cough peak flow measures. Furthermore, all ComPAS users have the foundation of remote interpretation and EMR interfacing should they be required.

Lilly Pneumotach

The FVL has a high discrimination Lilly pneumotach with ergonomic handle and docking station. Typically, all testing is carried-out with a bacterial/viral filter in place to minimize any requirement for cleaning between patients. However, if you do wish to clean and sterilize the components, they have been designed for easy disassembly. The pneumotach detaches from the handle and then a simple twist uncouples the parts for cleaning.

Heated Pneumotach & BTPS

Constant integrated heating for the pneumotach prevents moisture build-up making this device uniquely suitable for situations where a high number of tests are performed. Integrated precison transducers for temperature and barometric pressure provide output for automatic calculation and correction to BTPS conditions.


When infection control is of the utmost of importance. The FVL-CF (Cystic Fibrosis) is our solution to measuring simple spirometry in imunocompromised patients.

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As a busy private practitioner with a penchant for new technologies, it was critical that my pulmonary function lab be able to fully integrate with my electronic medical record and with interim spirometries that are done in the exam rooms. Morgan Scientific worked with us to make this a reality. We now have a fully integrated office and read PFTs "real time" in the exam rooms or from home over a secure internet connection. I have never heard the staff say no and they have been enthusiastic in problem solving and in customizing our lab, right down to helping design and incorporate our logo into our reports.

David B. Ettensohn, M.D. Customer Testimonials