Innovative Design

A customer of ours approached us with a problem - how to better test patients with pulmonary diseases like Cystic Fybrosis, where infection control can be a matter of life and death. Morgan Scientific responded with the FVL-CF (Cystic Fybrosis), an arm mounted spiromoter with wipe down surfaces and tubing. The FVL-CF is the ideal simple spirometry solution for labs that have a high turnover of patients who are immunocompromised.


  • All the great design features of the Heated FVL
    • Highly accurate Lilly-style pneumotac
    • Heated pneumotac
    • Integrated temperature and pressure transducers for the automatic calculation and correction to BTPS conditions
  • Arm mounted patient valve helps to minimize patient contact with the device
  • All of the surfaces and tubing are sani-wipe friendly
  • Simple and robust mobile cart has space for a printer and additional materials can be stored in the basket below
  • ComPAS Software includes unique history interpretation toolkit and trending analysis for following long term patients