Combined Strength of Product

Bringing together the Vitalograph Pneumotrac with Morgan ComPAS combines years of experience in spirometry testing. From the early 1950's through to the current day Vitalograph and Morgan have built world-wide reputations in pulmonary function testing. 

Fleisch Technology

Pneumotrac utilizes a highly accurate and robust Fleisch pneumotach.

Measurement of Flow comes from differential pressure recorded across a a tube fitted with an array of capillaries arranged in parallel with the direction of flow. The alignment and distribution of capillaries has been scientifically arranged to minimize resistance and achieve laminar flow. The Pneumotrac will faciliate implementation of CFF guidelines for infection control in CF clinics, which suggest testing in examination rooms or allowing 30 minutes between patients for decontamination.


A single direct USB connection provides both the power and communication for operation.

Drying Fan
A battery operated drying fan is located under the resting receptacle well for the flow transducer. This reduces moisture build-up on the capillaries within the pneumotach.

Temperature Sensor
A built-in temperature sensor automatically records room temperature for computation of BTPS corrections.

Our lab has been using Morgan Scientific equipment for over 20 years. When I bought our first system there was no question that Morgan hardware and software was the superior product and this remains true today. The support from Morgan Scientific has been and continues to have no equal.

I know of no other medical instrument company that would allow you to speak directly with the person that wrote the software that you have a question about or would like a change made to. The staff has truly impressed us with their knowledge of their hardware, Pulmonary Physiology and more so their ability to communicate this to our staff.

We have tested over 30,000 patients with Morgan equipment, during this time there has never been a day that our lab has not been "up and running".

This company is recommended with no hesitation, they are not simply vendors they are part of our department, our partners and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

I would be more than happy to speak with any potential customers regarding the Morgan Scientific equipment and the integrity of this company.

David S. Shayne, RRT, CPFT Customer Testimonials