SpiroAir - The Heritage of "Gold Standard" PFT Testing

An instrument that has remained true to fundemental standards and methodology in pulmonary function testing. From the low-resistance 12L rolling seal spirometer, to the elegant helium dilution circuit and pressureless single breath diffusion technology, the SpiroAir can justifiably be called the finest PFT system available.


Learn more about the features and design of the Morgan SpiroAir.


The SpiroAir is capable of dynamic and static spirometry, DLCO, lung volumes via helium dilution, and more.


ComPAS PFT Software. The premiere choice for PFT software.


We work with each customer to design a series customized reports that suite their needs. Click to see some of our stunning examples.


SpiroAir hardware specifications and requirements.

Data Sheet
Data Sheet

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PFT Testing Excellence

The SpiroAir has a rich heritage from the very origins of pioneering pulmonary function design. The SpiroAir combines all of the renowned engineering features of the Morgan Transfer Test into a sleek modern instrument harnessing the finest transducers ensuring clinical excellence.

Test Capability

When it comes to spirometry, there is no higher standard of measurement than the low resistance rolling seal spirometer! The same spirometer is utilized for measurements of closed-circuit helium dilution FRC. From the test set-up to the elegant O2 delivery during each study, the SpiroAir ensures patient comfort and quality of lung volume measurement.

The same can be said for DLCO, Respiratory Pressures, Bronchial Challenge and Cough Peak Flow testing. This instrument truly sets a standard that few can match!

SpiroAir Features

  • Gold standard 12L rolling seal spirometer
  • Gold standard helium dilution FRC
  • Superb reproducibility across all tests
  • Pressure less delivery of DLCO gas
  • Quiet pneumatic piston valves
  • Automatic test preparation
  • Automatic spirometer centering
  • Very low maintenance requirement or cost

Simple to Use, Yet Research Grade

With ComPAS testing is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. A simple touch on [Spacebar] begins all tests.
  2. When maneuvers are completed, the software checks the individual effort against ATS recommended PERFORMANCE criteria. If the effort meets these test standards, a hollow check mark provides visual confirmation.
  3. Once the appropriate number of tests meet both PERFORMANCE and REPRODUCIBILITY criteria, solid check marks appear confirming that ATS has been achieved.

Morgan Scientific is the best vendor I have worked with in 30 years of pulmonary function testing. In fact, Morgan is the only vendor that has ever encouraged our ideas for software improvements. They honor the philosophy that customers’ suggestions make their user-friendly product even better for everyone.

In our three years with the company, Morgan promptly met several requests:  addition of Cough Peak Flow, additional text and trending to history graphs, a library function, and many customized reports. The new capability to compare and overlay F/V loops and data in the trend history allowed us to recently go paperless for patient chart reviews.  Furthermore, Morgan offers the ComPAS QuickSupport service that is particularly valuable in our fast-paced Pulmonary Lab. Morgan Scientific truly values their customers and their ongoing commitment continues to improve our efficiency and productivity.

Pam Leisenring, RRT-RPFT

Pulmonary Lab Supervisor

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Pam Leisenring, RRT, RPFT Customer Testimonials