Exceptional Design Details

It is no mistake that the combined experience of Morgan Scientific in the United States and Medisoft engineers in Europe account for some 45 years in pulmonary function testing. Knowledge gained in design, scientific measurement, testing experience and customer needs has resulted in products that excel in this field.

Smart and Trouble-free Valves

The SpiroAir utilizes a pneumatic piston valves for silent reliable performance and minimal service. The valve switches operation and ports for spirometry, closed-circuit helium dilution, single breath diffusion and respiratory pressures without any need of technician intervention. For all tests the 12L spirometer automatically re-centers after each effort.

Sophisticated Helium FRC 

Closed-circuit helium FRC measurement has never been so comfortable and easy for all subjects. The circuit is automatically filled and prepared with a background oxygen of 30%. This ensure that patients with COPD do not desaturate during the test. As the test proceeds, quiet turbines direct air around the closed-circuit and through an absorber to remove CO2. Oxyen balance is maintained by automatic delivery based upon the subjects O2 consumption.

How DLCO is Supposed to be Measured

Set-up for DLCO is fully automated with the diffusion gas added to an inspiratory reservoir at atmospheric pressure. For the test subject, breathing-in is just like taking a breath from room air; no gagging caused by a demand valve with the SpiroAir! Once the test has been completed, gas analysis is automated with proper gas conditioning using a chemical absorber ensures that all measurements are dry and CO2 free.

Ergonomic Cart and Appeal

The robust high-quality mobile console features innovative cable management, power distribution, left/right mouse configuration and a convenient consumables drawer. For dramatic appearance, the console side panels can be illuminated using LED's! Instruments are supplied with an optional all-in-one PC with wireless mouse and keyboard. Not only does this provide a clean and tidy appearance, it offers brilliant graphics and consumate ease of operation. For laboratory or office settings the SpiroAir alongside its contemporary PC and striking console purvey quality and distinction!

From the first Morgan infrared CO analyzer that changed DLCOsb from a tinkerer's nightmare into a useful clinical test, through the spectacular research plethysmograph, your hardware has been rock-solid. In this new age when all manufacturers have access to the same OEM parts-bin, less separates the best from the worst pulmonary function testing gear in terms of hardware. What most differentiates you from your competition is your software, which has both simplified and rationalized every aspect of PFT testing: calibration, performing maneuvers, reporting and, critical for me, retrieval from a database which makes results easily and dependably available. In particular, the flow of the testing process, no extra keystrokes, no multiple mouse-clicks needed to perform simple tasks, useful help for the technician in determining acceptability and reproducibility of efforts, have made it possible for us to perform research quality testing in our high-volume environment.

We have tested over 12,000 subjects with the Morgan PFT systems. In that time, we have never lost a day of testing to machine failure; not one! We've been able to test every patient who kept an appointment. We're submitting the paper on ILO readings and DLCOsb based on the 5015 male Caucasian subjects from this data this week. Dr. Albert Miller is principal author.

Finally, for someone who remembers water spirometers and inkstains on kymograph paper, watching the new SpiroAir position the piston on the rolling-seal spirometer to the center of it's travel automatically is an absolute kick.

Your equipment, advice and support have been a substantial part of our success at WDDS over the years. Thank you!

Ray Warshaw, RPFT Customer Testimonials