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Pulmonologist Interpretation

ComPAS Task Manager was co-developed with one of America's most prestigious teaching hospitals in 2003. During the past 10 years this application has evolved into the most powerful pulmonary interpretation tool utilized widely in many top teaching hospitals. Thousands of ComPAS PFT interpretations are routinely transfered and displayed in hospital EMR's every year.

When tests are completed in the pulmonary lab, results can be routed to any network-connected station for physician interpretation. In cases where multiple physicians will interpret results, ComPAS Task Manager automatically routes the patient results to the appropriate physician. 

In smaller practices, test results can be sent from the pulmonary lab directly to the consulting physician. In environments with wireless networks, results can be viewed by physicians on their tablets in exam rooms. At his or her desk, the interpreting physician can log into ComPAS Task Manager, review a variety of customizable report formats and engage a personal template of interpretation text. The computer impression is available as a quick reference while the interpretation is being considered. Download Information (PDF)

This is the most physician-friendly and comprehensive PFT interpretation application available.

History Interpretation 'Toolkit'

While considering interpretation, the physician can engage the History Toolkit which provides unique capability to look at past test data and much more.

  • Past numerical test data can be plotted and instantly viewed with axes of Actual Data with Upper, Lower and Mean Predicted values or plotted as Percent Predicted.
  • Automatic trending can be plotted and calculated from a number of possible anchor points or based on time. 
  • Events can be added to the time line which will be recalled on subsequent test viewing. These events could be details of medication or hospitalization etc.
  • For children, weight, height and BMI can be viewed on the CDC Growth Charts. The same options can be plotted as a Y2 axis on any numerical view.
  • Past Flow Volume Loops can be plotted and overlaid.
  • Instant view of past interpretation text which can be copied and modified for current use.
  • A Library function allows users to save documents, PDF's or images for instant recall while interprting data.
  • Secretarial and audit functions.

Pulmonary Fellow Teaching 

For teaching centers, the ComPAS Task Manager can route completed tests to Pulmonary Fellows for the first pass at interpretation. Once reviewed and "approved" the data are then routed to the Attending Physician for final consideration and approval. The Attending Physician can amend the original interpretation and approve the test with a "Teaching Flag". The results are automatically sent to the EMR and at the same time returned to the Pulmonary Fellow. At a later teaching opportunity, the two interpretations (the original Fellow review and the final Attending script) can be compared and discussed.

Internal Task Notes

Upon any "approval" on tests being routed through the ComPAS Task Manager, internal "Task Notes" can be attached. These are notes between colleagues and do not appear on reports. In this way, information that technicians or fellows feel is important can be presented to the Attending Physician prior to completion of interpretation.

ComPAS Task Manager to EMR

Morgan Scientific engineers have specialized in EMR interfacing for many years. All HL7 scripts and interface designs are completed in-house and not parsed to third-party consultants. Our success rate with EMR interface projects is 100%! Versatile EMR interfacing from simple drop-off of PDF's to advanced ADT/Order capability is a formidable strength within ComPAS.  The screens below show the progress of data in ComPAS through to a typical EMR screen:

  • Tests are completed and approved by the technician
  • Tests data are reviewed and interpreted in Task Manager then approved
  • Final interpreted data and PDF are available for viewing in the EMR

Preliminary test results and images of reports (PDF, TIFF etc.) can be sent to the EMR upon Technician approval. The final test results and report image can be transmitted upon Attending approval. If necessary, an Amended report can also be sent. More information on EMR.