Return on Investment

The TransAir3 PFT System is very affordable and has a flawless track record of high reliability of testing and clinical excellence.
Our portable version is perfect for travelling technicians.

Tests/Day Monthly Revenue      1 Year     5 Years     10 Years Breakeven
        2          $7,350.00   $88,200.00    $441,000.00    $882,000.00 4.1 months
        4        $14,700.00 $176,400.00    $882,000.00 $1,764,000.00 2.0 months
        6        $22,050.00 $264,600.00 $1,323,000.00 $2,646,000.00 1.4 months

(Return on Investment calculations and time tables based on the cost of equipment only and the National Average, Part B, 2013 Reimbursements)

Routine Billable Codes

Routine billable codes include spirometry (FVC), Lung Volumes (FRC), and Diffusion (DLCO).
A full PFT test will billed with these codes.

 CPT Code    Tests    Reimbursement 
    94060    FVC           $64.00
    94727    FRC           $48.00
    94729   DLCO           $63.00
    Total          $175.00

(Please verify reimbursement amounts with your carrier.)

Additional Billable Codes

The TransAir3, combined with the power of ComPAS Software, allows for a variety of Challenge Protocols (Methacholine, Mannitol/Aridol, Cold Air, etc.). In addition, simple exercise stress tests like the 6 Minute Walk can be conducted with the integration of the Nonin WristOx2.

 CPT Code   Tests   Reimbursement 
    95070Challenge - Pre            $64.00
    94664Challenge - Post            $48.00
    946206 Minute Walk           $63.00
    Total          $175.00

(Please verify reimbursement amounts with your carrier)