A Heavy Focus on Solutions for Pediatric PFT Testing

For many years the challenges of testing young children has dominated both equipment and software design at Morgan Scientific. We have always understood that solving issues of hardware requirements together with software flexibility suitable for children promotes similar solutions for cases of severe COPD in adults. The top two pediatric pulmonary teaching hospitals in the United States have directly influenced our hardware and software design. The ComPAS suite of software is packed with features for CF and asthma clinics with many of the ideas coming directly from technicians and pulmonologists specializing in pediatric care. These include:

  • Implementation of Global Lung Initiative "all ages" equations
  • Calculation and reporting of standard deviation (Z) scores
  • Longitudinal trending and regression of FEV1 and BMI
  • CDC growth charts with percentile curve plots
  • Cystic Fibrosis Center analysis (trends for all CF patients)
  • Specialized reporting for Lung Transplant Patients

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