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At Morgan Scientific, all information interfaces are managed and witten in-house. For many years we have specialized in hospital EMR requirements and have participated in numerous successful interfaces.

The primary purpose of the ComPAS HL7 interface is to transmit test results from the ComPAS database to a central hospital system. Preliminary or finalized data can each be sent at a desired point in time (once the technician has approved the test, once the physician has completed his interpretation, etc). At this point, ComPAS creates the HL7 output and transmits it to the hospital server by TCP/IP, text file drop-off, or some other delivery method. A detailed PDF or TIFF report can also be provided which includes test results as well as graphs.

Another possible use of the HL7 interface is to download patient demographic data from the hospital system for use within ComPAS. Generally, a technician would input a unique identifier (SSN, Medical Record Number, etc) into ComPAS that would trigger an HL7 request to the hospital server, which would respond with an HL7 message providing the patient’s demographic data.

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Please contact us for further details. This is an area of exceptional expertise at Morgan Scientific, indeed we have yet to meet an interface project that we have not succefully delivered on time!

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