Research & Academic Medical Teaching Institutions

A large part of Morgan's success can be attributed to collaboration with world renowned medical teaching facilities in developing pulmonary diagnostic solutions that address the specific teaching needs as well as the overall quality of pulmonary testing and data management services. Morgan's innovative ComPAS Task Manager allows for preliminary interpretations (residents/fellows) with final approval (Interpreting Physician/Medical Director). Additional interpretations can be performed on any networked (or Citrix™ web-connected) computer saving time and money while enhancing the teaching process.

Proper equipment selection and training is paramount to the quality of pulmonary clinical trials. Let Morgan assist you with appropriate equipment selection and user training thus ensuring the utmost in accuracy and reproducibility in patient study results. SQL Data management and reporting services are available as required.

In today's competitive healthcare market, solutions for equipment selection and standardization, total cost of ownership as well as data management and network services are critical to your organization's success. It is for this reason that Morgan offers total solutions taking into account the need to share data on an enterprise basis by utilizing a secure, common data repository allowing access of test results from any authorized site system wide. Let Morgan's years of expertise work for you by ensuring that your organization provides the highest quality pulmonary diagnostic services at the most effective cost.

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