Clinical Institutions

For many years dating back to the origins of single breath diffusion testing, Morgan Scientific has been prominent in teaching hospitals and large medical centers. Indeed, the relationships we have enjoyed with key teaching and research hospitals have brought about cooperative designs that are described in this site. Our instrumentation comes from a proud heritage of clinical expertise and superior performance. The ComPAS software is such a product of collaborative design and implementation. It illustrates a grand integration of pulmonary function testing with remote physician interpretation and seamless links to hospital information systems. We invite you to learn more about the distinguished Morgan Scientific products that can enhance your pulmonary function department.

IT Departments

At Morgan Scientific, all information interfaces are managed and witten in-house. For many years we have specialized in hospital EMR requirements and have participated in numerous successful interfaces.

The primary purpose of the ComPAS HL7 interface is to transmit test results from the ComPAS database to a central hospital system. Preliminary or finalized data can each be sent at a desired point in time (once the technician has approved the test, once the physician has completed his interpretation, etc). At this point, ComPAS creates the HL7 output and transmits it to the hospital server by TCP/IP, text file drop-off, or some other delivery method. A detailed PDF or TIFF report can also be provided which includes test results as well as graphs.

Another possible use of the HL7 interface is to download patient demographic data from the hospital system for use within ComPAS. Generally, a technician would input a unique identifier (SSN, Medical Record Number, etc) into ComPAS that would trigger an HL7 request to the hospital server, which would respond with an HL7 message providing the patient’s demographic data.

Learn more about our ComPAS EMR solutions.

Please contact us for further details. This is an area of exceptional expertise at Morgan Scientific, indeed we have yet to meet an interface project that we have not succefully delivered on time!

A Heavy Focus on Solutions for Pediatric PFT Testing

For many years the challenges of testing young children has dominated both equipment and software design at Morgan Scientific. We have always understood that solving issues of hardware requirements together with software flexibility suitable for children promotes similar solutions for cases of severe COPD in adults. The top two pediatric pulmonary teaching hospitals in the United States have directly influenced our hardware and software design. The ComPAS suite of software is packed with features for CF and asthma clinics with many of the ideas coming directly from technicians and pulmonologists specializing in pediatric care. These include:

  • Implementation of Global Lung Initiative "all ages" equations
  • Calculation and reporting of standard deviation (Z) scores
  • Longitudinal trending and regression of FEV1 and BMI
  • CDC growth charts with percentile curve plots
  • Cystic Fibrosis Center analysis (trends for all CF patients)
  • Specialized reporting for Lung Transplant Patients

Internal Medicine

At last clinical excellence and innovative design is available for medical offices wanting to provide the finest quality and standards in pulmonary function testing. Let us show you the personal Morgan Scientific touch. From the first introduction and training to the preventative service following years of reliable function, you will receive immediate and charming attention.

For offices wanting the best in 'paperless' operation, there is nothing to rival the latest ComPAS software. It provides a beautiful integration of pulmonary function testing with remote physician interpretation and seamless link to EMR systems. We invite you to learn more about the distinguished Morgan Scientific products designed to provide the very best in pulmonary function testing.



Advanced Morgan technology built on years of experience and customer input gives customers in all pulmonary markets a supreme advantage.

Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators

Learn why customers from the most prestigious medical centers to single-office practices regard Morgan as uniquely the best choice.

Exciting New Features

Exciting New Features

Our reputation for collaborative customer input and passionate software development brings features and advantages to customers new and old.

The Morgan Guarantee

What separates Morgan Scientific from all the other choices?

Today it seems that the word “guarantee” is merely a marketing ploy so often forgotten by companies when it comes to delivering on their promise. At Morgan Scientific our goals are very different from that of vast corporate entities. We sincerely believe that the customer matters and that our reputation depends upon customer support and after sales experience.

“The Morgan Guarantee is to provide absolutely the finest pulmonary function equipment together with industry-leading ComPAS Software from a foundation of impeccable customer support and continuing innovation.”